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Internal Network Infrastructure Assessment

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How sure are you that your network is not an easy target for hackers or disgruntled employees? Can you be sure that your network systems have not already been compromised and are leaking confidential business data? If you have any doubts regarding the security posture of your internal network, SecQuest can help. Our internal network infrastructure assessment is a penetration test which has been specifically designed to answer these questions and more. We will check infrastructure devices, servers and other network hosts to ensure they are operating in a secure manner. A comprehensive report detailing our methodology, findings and recommendations will be produced after the technical assessment phase.

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Internal Network Infrastructure Assessment

Business Benefits

SecQuest’s security consultants will connect to your network and perform a series of manual and automated tests to locate and optionally exploit security and configuration vulnerabilities that may be present. These tests are performed in controlled manner and will help to assess the risk to your business network and find the vulnerabilities that are most likely to cause significant damage should they be exploited. A compromise and subsequent release of financial, confidential or personal data could have a significant impact on your clients’ trust in your business with brand damage and share value sometimes being most affected.

Assessment Detail

Our testing methodology is aligned with industry best practices, and is constantly reviewed to incorporate new methods and techniques. This approach allows results from repeat tests to be compared with ease. We start with a high level review of your network infrastructure to understand its composition. A network mapping exercise is then performed to further understand the logical network topology and locate target systems for further investigation. Cyclic probe and attack phases then examine services exposed to the network with the aim of gathering information and escalating privileges. Following the technical testing phase we analyse the vulnerability data and produce a comprehensive report. A management summary provides a plain English overview of the target environments security posture whilst technical sections contain details of our findings and recommendations to address any security issues discovered.

SecQuest’s Consultants

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of security testing and network controls circumvention techniques. This is backed up by more than twenty years front line consulting for one of the world’s largest IT services corporations, delivering quality assessments across most industry sectors. SecQuest works with trusted partners to deliver high quality and competitive services. SecQuest are based in the UK and operate world wide. All SecQuest consultants hold current UK security clearance. SecQuest will be pleased to discuss your requirements for security testing.

SecQuest offer the following security services

  • Application Assessment
  • Bespoke Security Assessments
  • External Infrastructure Assessment
  • iSeries/AS400 Assessment
  • Mobile Application Assessment
  • Network Security QuickLook
  • SCADA Security Assessment
  • Security Configuration Reviews
  • Telephony and Modems Assessment
  • Voice over IP Assessment
  • VSAT Security Assessment
  • Wireless LAN Security Assessment

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