The team at SecQuest investigate obscure / arcane knowledge and by March 2020, we were aware of the impending COVID-19 pandemic. It seems hard to believe now that the disease was regarded as something like ‘the 2009 swine flu’. However, the week starting the 16th of March changed opinion, and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme was announced by the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak – millions of workers were furloughed. The slogan “Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives” was introduced, and a national lockdown was invoked the following Monday.

The team at SecQuest supported each other through the challenging months and we quickly recognised that organisations were adopting major change, including external working arrangements, plus the management of cyber risk during remote working. 2020 became a busy year for SecQuest in providing technical assurance – within tight timescales – for infrastructure, networks, systems and applications supporting the response to the COVID Pandemic.

At SecQuest ,plans for recruiting were initially put on-hold; this decision was quickly reversed and new team members joined in Q2. As SecQuest already had effective working from home arrangements we were able to continue our Cyber Risk Client Services seamlessly. Plans to move into the south coast office became real between Q3/Q4 lockdowns and our new Southampton office is operational for both visitors and work, when permitted. Naturally, the office is COVID safe, with handwashing/sanitiser, spaced out desks and good ventilation.

SecQuest continues to “Build” for the end of the pandemic and further plans to expand.

So, stay ‘careful’, ‘safe’ and ‘positive’ – remember this pandemic will end soon.